Charlotte Hacker

The study is an exploration of a situation where someone seemed to be so angry and frustrated that he was immobilised. I thought of the heart, as an intersection of reason and emotion, the centre of judgement and used these ideas to generate the material. I wanted to create the feeling of uncertainty and express a tightly constrained wildness.  I also wanted to explore how the performer and audience connect and relate to each other.

I am interested in how improvisation can work simultaneously with formal structures and choreography.  The score is set, but the dancer can improvise the timing, and to some extent, the content. This presents a particular challenge, meaning that dancer Polly Matteson and I had to discover a new working language, articulated and bound by the mental agility of the dancer.  The study has its own pulse that is determined by the dancer’s decisions, however it usually takes around ten minutes to perform. Registered charity no 1086983. All content on this site © Choreographers' Gallery 2017