Rachel Gildea


As an independent dance artist, my practice takes on different forms. I dance for and with others in performances; I create my own work and I facilitate spaces for dancers. I believe that anyone can be a dancer, no matter how they identify, and I am passionate about exporting that belief. Offstage, I write to people and places to gain support for this vital work. I am interested in a range of dance practice and activities: from contemporary performance to carnival arts. I am especially drawn to working with vulnerable young people and adults who are seen as marginalised in our society, in an open, inclusive setting. Underlining my work in all context is the belief that dancing is political. To use a phrase from one of my dance idols Deborah Hay 'It is not how we dance or why we dance but that we dance.'

I graduated with a first class degree in Dance and Culture from University of Surrey (2013). Since then I have work as a freelance dance artist and educator in a diverse range of settings. The practitioners I have worked with include Florence Peake, Gaby Agis, Rosemary Lee, Joe Lott Dance, Janine Harrington, Cecilia MacFarlane and others.

I am currently working as an Associate Artist for Blink Dance Theatre (London) Flux Dance Theatre (Birmingham), Oxford Youth Dance (Oxford) and Brouhaha International (Liverpool) whose recent international carnival projects have taken me to Goa, India and Cape Town, South Africa.


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