Charlotte Hacker

My background is in contemporary dance. I trained at London School of Contemporary Dance in the early 1980s and I live and work in Bristol, UK.

I mainly work with small groups of artists, explore ideas through a variety of mediums to create performance work. Each work I make is about finding a resolution between the composing factors, in the case of Swing Heart Activity predominantly the ideas and the dancer.

Adam Hougland

I am a freelance choreographer who mainly works with ballet companies. Whilst I find the dancers to be extremely technically proficient and very hard working, their movement vocabulary is very specialised and therefore somewhat limited. While they can easily move within the classical idiom they often lack the ability to break out of those boundaries and move more freely.

Whenever I create a piece for a ballet company I am always confronted with the same dilemma: do I stay rigidly true to my aesthetic or deviate from it in an effort to make the dancers look their best? Usually the desire for a good-looking end product wins out and I let my pieces become more balletic so that the dancers can do what they do best.

Angus Balbernie

Angus Balbernie is an artist working mostly in dance and performance. He has created and directed over 60 pieces in Europe, the USA, South America, Canada and Asia. He is currently on the staff at Artez Arnhem (Dancemakers Department), an Associate Lecturer at The Scottish School Of Contemporary Dance and Dartington College of Arts, and a visiting lecturer in choreography at KNUA, Seoul. He has been nominated for an Isadora Duncan award in the USA.

Joan Davis

The particular concerns of this study are music, rhythm and collective awareness. It is an exploration of how to achieve ‘authentic’ movement in performance.

The different durations, phrasings, timings and rhythms of multiple creative acts, occurring simultaneously, become the artistic objective in developing choreography that occurs in the moment. Registered charity no 1086983. All content on this site © Choreographers' Gallery 2017